The Best Way to Tie Your Promotion to Purchase 



Running a game-based promotion can be a great move.

Game-based marketing campaigns drive extended engagement with consumers and let you achieve a host of marketing goals — from growing your newsletter to educating consumers.  

But the ultimate goal is always for customers to make a purchase.

And one of the best parts of game-based marketing campaigns is you can tie your pro- motion directly to sales, simply by rewarding for purchase. 

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This does a couple things:

First, it drives a sales lift. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase when there is an incentive to do so — like extra game-plays or chances to win.  

Secondly, it lets you measure the impact of your program on sales. Because you have to track purchases to reward for them, you can actually measure the sales lift your promo drove.

Sounds good, right. But how do you actually track those purchases?

This report will look at 3 of the best ways to reward for purchase — and one method you should avoid.  

55% of consumers are more likely to purchase a sponsors product if they can earn chances to win

How Should You Tie Your Promotion to Sales?

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